My son, Kasey, has been attending Little Lambs, full time, since he was 2.5 years old. Before starting at Little Lambs, he went to a home daycare. He has low muscle tone, developmental delay, is non-verbal and has also been diagnosed with Autism. His medical team recommended switching to a structure daycare program. I did research of all of the daycare centres in the area and talked to other parents. The feedback that I got was unanimous. Little Lambs was the place to go. When I went for a tour, I was impressed by the staff and the centre itself. I loved the fact that all the food was made on site and the outdoor playground was amazing. I had a good feeling about my choice. And I was right.
Kasey has thrived at Little Lambs. The staff has been amazing at brainstorming ideas to deal with his specific, unique needs. They engage him and keep him safe. But most of all, they care about him. And he adores them all. His face lights up when we happen to run into one of his daycare teachers around town, which says more than anything else could.
Kasey started school in September and now only attends Little Lambs on PD days. He is always very excited when we tell him that it’s a daycare day. And because of the care that he received at Little Lambs, he has been rocking school. I am so glad that we made the decision to send Kasey to Little Lambs and I recommend it to anyone looking for childcare. They not only look after a child and keep him/her safe, but they do it in a caring and nurturing environment, which is exactly where any mom wants to leave her child when she can’t be around.

– Carrie

Deciding on what child care is right for your baby is a BIG decision. Like all first time parents we were nervous and wanted to make sure we were making the best choice for our child. We considered many options, but as soon as we had the tour at Little Lambs we knew it as the place for us.
We were encouraged to have plenty of visits before we formally started, so the first day didn’t seem too daunting at all. We were given a full list of things we should leave at daycare to ensure the transition was a smooth one, and received daily report cards outlining everything from what our baby ate, to when she slept, to what activities they did that day. Very quickly we realized this place is awesome!!! Our child has progressed from the infant room to the toddler room, and happily claps her hands when we drive in the gate each morning. There is nothing like knowing your child is truly happy when you drop her off.
I struggle to find words that give the teachers the wonderful credit they deserve. They have instilled joy, laughter, confidence and caring in my child. I cannot recommend Little Lambs highly enough.

– Caroline